15 Dec 2009

The Men’s version of a LBD

Women can get away with anything (even murder probably?) if they are wearing a “Little Black Dress.” They will never be too dressed down or too dressed up. It is a classic staple that every woman knows should be in their closet.

Off the top of my head, I know that I have at least  five. One for the day, night, for a formal event, a long sleeve, and a more conservative style.

So I’ve been wondering… what outfit for a guy is appropriate at most occasions?

A suit! However, we all know that a  suit doesn’t come cheap. Don’t forget you need to have the four main components of one (pants, shirt, jacket, tie) whereas a woman can wear a black dress and heels. It just doesn’t seem fair…

Jack, J. Crew’s in-house stylist, explains when this look is necessary: “It’s appropriate for any event that calls for a jacket, and when in doubt, I like to err on the side of caution. You might be a bit more dressed up than the other guys, but that’s no big deal. I’d suggest a charcoal suit (it’s the most classic), paired with a tartan or white dress shirt, a dark tie, and your best pair of wing tips.”

To dress down, the trusted Jack says he can skip the tie and wear it with jeans. “Just make sure the jeans are a slimmer cut in a dark wash,” he suggests.


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