31 May 2009

Turn It Down

Last night, I stood in front of THE Kenny Choi of Daphne Loves Derby hahah my crush as a fifteen year old was standing right in front of me [singing to me.] hilaricakes. He has aged well… uh within four years.

I came home yesterday and spent my entire day in Kirkland. I adore this city, I adore KTUB and I missed it dearly but things have definitely changed. The music scene isn’t as strong on the Eastside as it was when I was fifteen year old girl. Back then I had to worry about shows selling out at the teen centers so I would always get there early. Yesterday, we barely reached a 100. It shouldn’t be this way and it is something that really disappoints me because I don’t want to see such a good thing die. Daphne Loves Derby have toured all over the world. They have over 90,000 friends on Myspace [I just checked] and they deserved a bigger crowd last night.

The funny thing is, I can actually admit that I was a scene kid and it used to be a huge thing when I was younger. Even though I’m growing up the kid in me still wants that local talent to get to the status of Daphne Loves Derby, Danger Radio or This Providence. I still want those kids to enjoy the shows as much as I did and actually care enough to attend their shows.

Jerald and I went to dinner at Rikki Rikki last night and then followed it up w/ Shnoo and a photo shoot.

My favorites from Bad Timing

I decided to have a little fun w/ this one.

Kenny Choi – I had no choice but to make this B/W


Kenny kept scrunching up his feet slash digging them into the ground and every so often get up on his tippy-toes. I’m not much of a feet person but it was interesting to watch. Maybe he’s more comfortable going barefoot, maybe he just wants to show the audience how passionate he really is while performing.

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  1. HB wrote:

    the foot picture is great winnie.
    i realized i love to read your blogs because i get to learn about your life in a different way, and i love to see what else is going on other than the things that you tell me.
    love you lady

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