12 Jun 2010

Wasted Food = Wasted Monays

Wasting food when dining out at a restaurant is a horrid habit. It is also poor manners especially if you’re out on a date. Pack it up in a box and take it home for leftovers or at least waste it after you have done this that way no one has to witness you throwing away your food. Wafu, a restaurant in Australia, is now paying their customers back whenever they waste by charging them extra. Chef Yakako Ichikawa became tired of seeing her preparations going to waste that she decided to charge diners if they did not finish their meal 30% or more. Question: How can you even determine this?

To put this in simpler terms, those that clean off their plate are receiving a 30% discount.

If that doesn’t scare you enough, I’d like to refer you back to this post that will make you never want to waste food again.


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