25 May 2010

What School Will Teach You

– Confidence is key when giving a presentation. You might feel safe reading off of your paper or your note cards, but I feel uncomfortable. I’d rather have you wing it and give me an honest opinion with mess ups here and there then listen to a robot.

– Eating does not fill the void you are looking for, but not eating may make that void even bigger.

– Learn to appreciate the programs and events that are hosted by organizations in your school. They’re for you and there is so much planning and thought that goes into it.

– Don’t be afraid of change.

– You will grow up. Some faster than others.

– College drama is the same as high school drama. Hearing about  it makes me judge you. Just sayin’…

– Instead of shuffling through your iTunes when studying, make a playlist beforehand. You’ll save a lot of time.

– Living on campus is not that bad even if people tell you otherwise. Make good choices and you won’t have any problems.

– Stressing out gives you canker sores… noted.

– You’re lucky to be here. When school gets tough and you start to question why you came  in the first place think of the person you would be without it.

– When I don’t post often, it’s because of school. HOBviously.

Things I realized about myself:

– It makes me sad to hear when people transfer, but I find comfort in knowing that they’ll be happier.

– I’m unhappy with my major because I don’t find that I excel in it like everyone does at theirs. I probably wouldn’t be the person that I am today without it.

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