03 Sep 2009

Yow Yow! Updates

– First off, I’d like to remind everyone that this is NOT DIGGY’s blog. I don’t know if people are having some trouble reading, but the post that I did about Diggy Simmons was ON his blog. If you leave comments on that post, it does not go directly to Diggy. So please, stop addressing me as Diggy.

Now some housekeeping…

– How does everyone like the interview posts? Meet: “so and so.” My goal for this is to feature up and coming talented people. So far I’ve got a fashion designer and an actor under my belt. You may or may not have heard of them yet, but you will. I have two more interviews that I’m writing up this week to send out.

– My dearest friends, I am glad that you enjoy seeing your name on my page. I probably would be too if this wasn’t … mine. I encourage you to not only search your name, but to enlighten yourselves. My blog is not a constant shoutout blog. I made this for the sole purpose of sharing knowledge with others. If there is one thing I hope to achieve with this, it is to hope that you are able to take something away from it. New music, news in a way that does not bore you, a way of styling yourself in the morning I don’t know. Dig a little deeper and find something that will do something for you instead of seeing just your name, cause you know what? You could see your name anywhere else.


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  • Kneecaps.
  • Up and up
  • Bachelorette pad
  • When the bride feels reassurance in her friendship choices because one of our King’s Cup categories is pizza chains. Obviously, we didn’t disappoint.
  • When you heard it snowed today at home, but you’ve got a mild sunburn.
  • Pizza Parties 4ever. 🍕
  • Twins!
  • Current status: living here and lounging for the weekend #ashssexybach
  • This look of pure joy that @chenxleslie captured also looks like I’m really scared 😬

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